Monday, June 22, 2009


I just can't get enough of this kid! He is, as Coco would say, my "Angel Baby," and thank goodness, heaven knows I might not make it if this baby wasn't so good. He's super cuddly, loves to giggle, and has the biggest eyeballs our family has ever seen. He reminds us of Bugsy on Bedtimes Stories, aka by my kids as Raining Gumballs. "Those eyes would be big on a Cow!" We love him and can't get enough of his sweetness. (Thanks Sab for the pic)

Bountiful Baskets

It's funny what can bring one out of blog hibernation. I can feel my foot in the stirrup, urging me to get back to the blog, get back in the saddle. Whatever, I don't even like horses- got bucked off as a child and laughed at while it happened by my father (need counseling about this), and just after I got engaged, found out about JBrett's love for the animal as he pulled a Jim Craig and took his Jessica for a mountain ride as she went into anaphalactic shock. Ha, Ha. Anyway, I've been itching to blog and my Saturday score seemed worthy of a post.
I always get a good laugh at those blogs where people people are fanatical about coupons, clip them like crazy, go to 4 different store, and come home with like, 100 $ worth of toaster strudel, mayonnaise, and anti- fungal toe cream for only 10$. I just don't know how they do it. Unfortunately, there are not many coupons out there for the produce section. Of course we all know I pack more than a few extra #'s, but I still love my fruits and veggies. I can go to Costco and spend 75$ in produce. Not anymore!! Thanks to Dawn and I'm sure a few other great women I can't name, Bountiful Baskets is now in Prescott. I was so impressed with what I received for just 15$ last Saturday that I thought it was worthy of a post and picture. I highly encourage all of you to check this out and see if it is in your area!
6/23- Just found out Bountiful Baskets is coming to BOUNTIFUL, UT.
All you B girls check it out!!!