Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bridger James Mangum

Welcoming our latest little one. I can't get enough of this kid- maybe it's because he blessed me with an early delivery! Wish I had more time to blog and keep in touch, but I thought I'd post a pic for those of you who occasionally check in. Maybe with this new blog I'll post a little more;)
Born February 5th
6 pounds 7 inches
Welcomed into this world by some excited siblings. It's so fun to see them love on him!
Of course, fabulous photography done by Megan @


Shawna said...

Welcome, welcome it is so good to hear from you agin. He is a doll. How fun for you guys!!! We are so happy for you. Love you all.

Julie said...

He's so beautiful! Congratulations. I can't wait until you get a minute to post more pictures of your darling family!!

Take care,

Wayne and Claudine Cable said...

I was so excited that you have put Bridger's photo up and that we heard from you. He is adorable and It is wonderful that you and the other little ones are enjoying him so much. You have a great family. Hopefully you will want to communicate more with this blog. It is great to keep in touch.

Beck said...

Hey Nic and crew...CONGRATS! I am so glad he's here and I love the name Bridger! Can't wait to see more of that cute stink!

Tam said...

He is DARLING -- looks just like a Wright! Congrats -- early dellveries are great (as long as their is no NICU involved). Glad he is here!

Brandy said...

YAY! I can't wait to tell Brenda. Congrats, Nic. He's so handsome. (I'm so jealous of all that beautiful, dark hair). I hope you are doing well and feeling wonderful. Maybe, I'll actually pick up the phone and call you! Wouldn't that be a shocker? CONGRATS!
Love you,

Perry Family said...

Nic- He is so beautiful, love that dark hair. Great name, as always. We hope you are doing well, we miss you- Congrats!
We love you,

Dawn said...

He is adorable! Can't wait to see his little eyes when they open!

collette said...

He is so adorable and beautiful. Congrats!

The Patrona said...

There really are so many NICE things that I want to say on this BEAUTIFUL blog. But mostly, I just want you to know that your baby is EXQUISITE, and I can't wait to snuggle and love on him. So PERFECT.

Aubry Tucker said...

Hey Nicole, i wanted to send yall a wedding invitation but i dont have your address. Is there any way you could email that to me at ? I hope to hear from you!