Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bridger- 7 months

Getting this picture taken was like getting on the scales. Week after week I kept putting off trying on his blessing outfit thinking it wouldn't fit him anymore and I wouldn't have a picture of him in it. After our many summer travels I came home and thought, " just try it on him." Ah ha, it fits!! Bridger is such a smiley baby that these pics didn't take long to shoot. We call him "Big Chubby" due to his thighs that get stuck in the Bumpo and he's quite the early riser. We spent last week in Lake Powell and I could hear him cooing in his pack-in-play before the morning dawn beamed in on us as we slept up top. He sits in his bumpo and squawks at us for real food at the dinner table and loves to cuddle. We think he's pretty special!

Of course I didn't take these pics, Meg did. Check her out at

Thanks Meg!!


Julie said...

Nicole he is so beautiful!!!! Thanks for posting these. I love seeing pictures as your cute family grows up.

Ashlee said...

What a stinkin' cutie!! I need to come over for a little snuggle time with him. Hope you are feeling better --

Shawna said...

He sure is a cutie and it sounds like you are having a lot of fun with him. Now we need some pictures of your other daring kids.

Perry Family said...

He has changed so much since we saw him this summer- what a looker! Great Pictures!!!